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naruto meme → seven chapters: 1/7 「chapter 486 - fists」

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Okay. This is starting to get repetitive. (Also, I don’t think Sasuke has accepted yet he likes Sakura, that denying tsundere of an Uchiha :P )

In my answer for some reason I couldn’t attach more than one picture so I’m doing this instead.

The problem with your question is that you’re talking about “episodes” instead of “manga panels”. Please, do read the manga, and fall in love with SasuSaku.

  • Sasuke obviously loves Team 7. Look at him trying to talk himself out of it:

  • He senses and responds when Sakura is in danger
  • He understands her emotions and knows how to cheer her up
  • He treats her as an equal and he’s turned on by her strength

  • Sasuke LOVES protecting people, especially Sakura, and he’s dead jealous of Naruto when he manages what he couldn’t. He tore a guy’s arm, his main weapon, because he bruised Sakura.

Look at that sad face in the first panel T_T my babyy.

  • Sasuke relies on Sakura’s support, she’s the only one he’s ever accepted and desperately clung on to.

  • Kishi spent an awful amount of time, recently still, focusing on Sakura’s emotions, and making her lose hopes. YOU KNOW WHY? TO CREATE SUSPENSE. To build up uncertainty among the young readers who know nothing about foreshadowing and character development. That’s why all the side ships exist too. Just like in real life, often, before you find “the one”, there are other contenders or alternate paths you could have chosen.
  • Sakura has proven repeatedly that she’s the one capable of giving Sasuke what he has lacked his entire life, “The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura”. Just like cherry blossoms, Sakura managed to endure the harsh winter of this relationship and they’re now ready to blossom into the most enchanting rosy flower that ever graced the earth.
  • The target audience for this manga is young. There’s going to be a happy ending for the main characters (a.k.a. Team 7). Kishi stated he’s writing this manga also to teach good morals to his children, and give them hope to find the right path in life. Naruto will become hokage, Sasuke will repopulate his clan *wink wink*, Sakura will get her man and help him repopulate said clan :P
  • Sasuke’s facial expressions look as conflicted with Sakura as with Itachi, he’s torn.

  • Sasuke ALWAYS, even recently, responds to Sakura, and he ignores pretty much everyone else (click here).
  • Sasuke is grossed out by physical contact with any girl, except with Sakura.

Pay attention to the change in his facial expression. He just woke up from coma, and he’s confused, and then he’s saddened by Sakura’s tears.

  • Sasuke isn’t a sexual person, and Sakura doesn’t objectify him or have perverted fantasies when he’s injured, unlike some other redhead.
  • Kishi  has drawn way too much eye porn between Sasuke and Sakura. Forgive me for my honesty, but I feel uneasy and a little flushed just by looking at the way they stare at each other.

Like, COME ON. I say it for your own sake, enjoy SasuSaku, join our beautiful community, and rejoice when Kishi finally gives a peaceful resolution to these two.


Will Sasuke repopulate his clan with Karin? HELL NAWW. This is my only NOTP so visit my anti SasuKarin tag. Personal opinion, I don’t like them as crack, I like even less the distorted convoluted overthinking of their fandom. One of the most disgusting arguments I’ve read was the eugenics of “Uzumaki and Uchiha DNA, omg overpowered babies!”. If you think that a relationship should be based on genetics instead of love and affection, you’re a horrible human being, please re-evaluate your life.

NaruSaku doesn’t even need to be addressed. Not once did Sakura have “heartbeats” for Naruto. When Sakura has them for Sasuke, gah they’re so strong I even feel them! And Naruto’s crush is superficial and immature… Minato:”Is that your girlfriend?” Naruto:”Huh? Sakura-chan? Yeah, I guess so” Sakura: beats him up to death. Wow. *slow clap* really, what a fantastic ship we have there. How many times do we have to see that Naruto is incapable to understand and satisfy Sakura’s needs? (One of the countless examples in the “Sakura depression” scenes, when Sasuke gives her confidence - why is Naruto so oblivious to Sakura’s state?) The only time Nauto understood Sakura was when she BSed about loving him and not Sasuke anymore. Every other interaction they have, Naruto is a dummy. Recently still, in chapter 632>

That would fed up Sakura eventually. It’s a romance bound to failure. And Sakura has never been attracted to Naruto. I do love though the way their bond evolved. They’re great teammates now and true friends. It’s an important jump from Sakura saying in chapter 4 “What I dislike is Naruto” to now, when she did everything in her power to keep him alive. She matured a lot. I like the interactions between Sakura and Naruto, they’re both cuties ^_^

I enjoy NaruSasu for fun, even though I’ve seen a lot of ugly in that community. I enjoy it because the manga IS ABOUT Sasuke and Naruto evolving simultaneously. So I do cackle at the misreadings and innuendos, I’ve written a couple of pro-blogs myself. But Naruto isn’t gay, he is uncomfortable with male physical contact (with Kakashi, Sai, Yamato, Jiraiya, Gaara etc.), and he’s attracted to females. Sasuke does care a lot about him, but as a brother and a rival, which causes more drama than I’d care for in a ship. Still to this point, Sasuke is jealous and non-appreciative of Naruto’s accomplishments, and tries to diminish them constantly (unlike the loves of my life Hashirama and Madara). Naruto stated “how can I become Hokage if I cannot even save my best friend?”. That’s not love, that’s a selfish obsession based on ideologies. Is Naruto’s behavior good for Sasuke? I think ultimately yes, but please please, canon NaruSasu is ludicrous. Let’s enjoy it in the fanart, fanfiction, and pervy readings of the manga (I know I will XD) but let keep it separate from what WILL happen.

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I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.
Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.











Better You

I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.

Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.

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i like to push my body to the limit but not in the healthy living way more like in the how much pasta can i eat before im unable to physically move way


I found a tank top with my childhood bae on it 

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yes doctor i cant feel my clitoris


yes doctor i cant feel my clitoris

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Naruto click and drag game! ~

Best Friend: Kakashi (cool ^^)
Rank: Jonin (nice :D)
Rival: Sakura (Im so dead)
Lover: Madara (i love you)
Clan: Senju (YEEES)
Has Crush On Me: Obito (lol)
Chakra Nature: Water
CockBlock: Rock Lee (OMFG)
Affiliation: Konohagakure (YAY)

i love my lover so much ^^ <3

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